Weisberg Suffolks
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About Us

Weisberg Suffolks is based approximately 60 miles North of Des Moines and just east of the Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Webster City, Iowa along the Boone River and. We are currently running a flock of approximately 35 Suffolk frame brood ewes, and we are still trying to expand our gene pool with adding new quality ewes and rams.

The ewes have been selected based on structural soundness, length, width, mothering and milking ability and longevity. All the ewes are kept on pasture alone from April through November and even longer weather permitting - easy keeping is a must!

I would also like to add that I believe in having plenty of rams around to get plenty of good genes into the right ewe. This way I can breed any ram to any number of ewes and not have to use the same ram every year, or I can decide to see what happens again the following year.