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5 Star J 0155- (DOB 2/25/2010 - TR) This was the highest selling ram at the 2011 Midwest Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia, selling to Bill MacCauley. He is super correct and very sound. I was given the chance to buy him and I knew I had to bring him in. It is my opinion along with many others that he is one of the greatest Suffolk rams ever sold at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale.

Boom Massachusetts Paasch 12-715 (DOB 2/19/2012 – S) - This rams sire is Caterpillar and traces back to Bob's Big Boy, Golden Boy, Gold Streak, and Silver Streak. The dam's sire is Krugerand, and traces back to Buchanans-Gold Rush, El Dorado and her grand dam on the dams side is the great Tenya. This ram is also packed with a tremendous and powerful pedigree.

MacCauley 2556 RR/NN
DOB – 1/21/12
Sire - Kimm 3019-7012
Dam – Mac 2167

His Sire the great Kimm 3019-7012 sired Mac 2010 the 2008 NAILE slick shorn Champion Ram. This ram Mac 2556 is a long, flat across the back, correct traveling, very stylish looking ram, and is packed with an abundance of bone and muscle. He is a great looking ram slick shorn or fitted. He is a very calm and collected ram and he will help pack on style, size, bone and muscle into his lambs. One of his key jobs will be to add rear leg, and front shoulder muscle to lambs.

"White Snake” Donner Trail Ranch 12-708
Sire - Paasch 11-688 RR “Tracklayer”
Dam – Paasch 08-569 RR

I am pleased to announce that I am the proud new owner of this magnificent, amazing yet stunning stud sire. This bad boy reminds me a lot of DTR’s The Rock that MacCauley Suffolks from Pennsylvania purchased from the Nugget back in 2004.

His Sire is “Tracklayer,” he was the 2011 Junior Champion at the NAILE. Tracklayer is by “Caterpiller,” DTR 09-1695, who sired the Champion Rams at both the Nugget & Crossroads sales in 2012. Paasch 08-569 is by a maternal brother to the Champion Ram at last year’s Nugget. White Snake is a long, strait lined, correct traveling ram with a proud head carriage, plenty of muscle and bone. He was my number one must have ram for the year and I have finalized the deal, and what a deal it was!

MacCauley 2724 - Son of Five Star J 0155 RR and MacCauley 2267. This Five Star J ram was the 2011 Highest selling Suffolk Ram at Sedalia and was purchased by Bill MacCauley in 2011 at a price of $13,000. This son of the great 5*J ram is a great stud and shows a lot of promise and character. We are happy to have him in our corner and he will help to make great improvements in our flock.

MacCauley 2715 - son of MacCauley 2479 and MacCauley 2504. MacCauley 2715 is packed with power. He is from a long line of NAILE champions on his Sire’s side Starting with his Sire Mac 2479 who was the Reserve Grand Champion in 2012, then his Grand Sire Mac 2130 who was Reserve Grand Champion in 2010, and his Great Grand Sire is Mac 1955 the Grand Champion Ram in 2007, dropping to the next generation is “Granite” Mac 1757 who was also a Grand Champion in 2007, and from there he leads to back to “The Rock” that was purchased from Donner Trail Ranch, another great name in Suffolk Sheep. This ram is built with everything in his tank we are expecting great things from this Powerhouse Stud